Docker #

Since Riser is built on Kubernetes, it uses Docker to package and run your application. Building and publishing your own Docker images is outside the scope of the Riser project. If you’re unfamiliar with Docker, you should review the Docker documentation before proceeding with Riser.

Private Registries #

Riser does not yet support pod level ImagePullSecrets. If you have a private registry, you must use one of the following mechanisms:

  • If you’re using a managed Kubernetes cluster on a popular cloud provider, most provide a registry authentication mechanism which does not require the use of ImagePullSecrets. This is the recommended approach from both a maintainability as well as a security perspective.
  • If you control the Kubernetes cluster, consider configuring the nodes to authenticate with the registry
  • You may also consider attaching credentials to a service account. Note that this must be done for each Kubernetes namespace which requires access to the private registry.