Apps #

An App in Riser represents a stateless workload such as websites, REST APIs, GraphQL, or GRPC style APIs. Riser aims to be compliant with little to no code changes for apps that follow the 12 Factor App methodology.

Creating an App #

An App is identified by its Name and its Namespace. To create a new App, create a new folder and/or cd into a folder of an existing application and type riser apps init (app name). This will create an app in the default Namespace apps with an initial App Config saved to app.yaml.

⚠️ You may not change the name or namespace of your App after it is created.

Configuring your App #

The initial App Config contains a couple of TODO’s:

  • image should be set to the registry/repository of your docker image. Do not include the docker tag.
  • expose.containerPort should be set to the port that your app is listening on. Note that your app is exposed over 443 and TLS regardless of what port your app is listening on.

While you may name the App Config any way you like, for convenience the Riser CLI will look for an app.yaml in the current folder. If you choose to name it something else, or if you are in a different folder, commands that require the App Config require passing a -f path/to/app.yaml parameter.

Riser is opinionated with smart defaults to cover the most common scenarios. As such, you may not need to configure anything else for your App. Nevertheless, you may review the configuration options documented in the fully annotated app.yaml in Github.

Once you’re app is configured, you’re ready to move move in to Deployments

Deleting an App #

Deleting an App has not yet been implemented.