Riser Platform #

Riser is an opinionated app platform built on Kubernetes and Knative. It provides a radically simplified application deployment and management experience without vendor lock-in.


⚠️ This is an experimental project. You’re invited to look around and provide feedback. It is not yet advised to use Riser in production. Breaking changes may occur frequently and without warning.

Key Features #

  • Radically simplified deployment and management of 12 factor apps
  • PaaS experience without vendor or cloud lock-in
  • Single view of apps across multiple environments (e.g. dev/test/prod)
  • Simplified secrets management
  • GitOps: All state changes happen through git
  • App developers only need access to Riser. Kubernetes cluster access is optional for advanced debugging or operational tasks

Limitations #

The Riser project is focused on exploring high value differentiating functionality. As a result, there are some limitations that you should be aware of. The plan is to address these limitations once a sufficient baseline of differentiating functionality has been explored.

  • While any git server should work, Riser has only been tested with GitHub.
  • The Riser CLI provides a Windows build but it is not actively being tested.
  • Authentication is limited to a single API key.
  • See the Docker Images section for limitations regarding private Docker registries.
  • Operational guidance is sparse. The recommended way to explore Riser is with a single environment demo as documented in the Quickstart

Check out the Quickstart Visit us on Github